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In the music word, artists usually make their first recordings as E.P’s (extended play), that is, a recording that is too short to qualify as a full record (L.P or Long Player)

Following this analogy, Missy has spent a decade releasing E.P’s. Love, Loss and Lattes is Missy’s first L.P! It is the first step in the direction of what will hopefully be the release of many albums.


Coffee is Missy’s substance of choice. It accompanies her on most occasions in her life, both the landmark ones and the banal. Missy started drinking coffee out of necessity as a study aid; it percolated into a deep love affair. Love, Loss and Lattes is a voyeuristic window into Missy’s relationship with coffee.

Personal, yet universal, themes of love and loss are expressed and explored via various circus apparatus such as silks, aerial hoop, pole and acrobatic dance. Join her into the ritual, habitual and social elements of her coffee consumption that lifts the audience out of their daily grind and plunges them into a caffeinated sensory overload.

Love, Loss and Lattes website and upcoming shows can be found here.